Sarcochilus ceciliae

Sarcochilus ceciliae

Sarcochilus ceciliae is an orchid native to the coast and ranges of the eastern Australia from the mid north coast of New South Wales through to north Queensland. It is usually grows on rocks (lithophytic) but sometimes on trees (epiphytic).

In its native range, Sarcochilus ceciliae is usually found in subtropic and tropical forests from sea level through to elevations as high as 1000 metres (3200 feet). At those elevations, the occasional frost (or near frost) is likely during winter. However, in its element in south east Queensland, overnight lows during the coldest July nights are more likely in the 5-10°C range (40-50°F) with distinctively less rainfall than summer. Summers are very warm and humid with average daily maximums of 31°C (87°F) and regular rainfall.

It can be a tricky one to grow as the roots readily rot if grown in usual bark medium. This particular plant was grown by Yin and Sau-wan Chan who explained that it grows best ‘on’ the medium rather than ‘in’ it. I have read that it also grows well mounted.

Sarcochilus ceciliae – close up

While small, the flowers have soft pink colour and a sheen that makes them sparkle slightly.

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