My growing conditions

I’m 30 km inland or roughly 40 km north west of Sydney, Australia, where my orchids grow outside all year without heating or cooling under 50% shade for most of the year. In winter, I add a rain cover to help my plants stay dry. For the rest of the year, they are open to nightly dew and rain.

My climate is an oceanic cliamte on Köppen classification with mean temperatures in summer below 22°C (71°F) but only just. Indeed, this is the same climate classification for much of south east Australia only where I am we might only get a few light frosts each year. The coldest temperature I’ve recorded in my shadehouse is 1°C (33°F) in July while the hottest is 44°C (111°F) in January.

To help put things into perspective, my location is at a latitude of 33°43′S which is comparable to these places:

33°57′N Riverside, CA, USA
33°53′N Beirut, Lebanon
33°45′N Atlanta, GA, USA
33°43′N Islamabad, Pakistan
33°35′N Fukuoka, Japan
33°32′N Casablanca, Morocco
33°27′N Phoenix, AZ, USA
33°20′N Baghdad, Iraq

33°27′S Santiago, Chile
33°41′S Chuí, Brazil
33°56′S Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re growing or thinking of growing orchids and you live near these places, you should find plenty of plants to grow outside all year. Extreme weather will always be a challenge whether it’s winter or summer. At this latitude, summer may be more challenging for some, while others it may be winter.