Hybrid Aussie Dendrobium #1

Hybrid Aussie Dendrobium #1 – flowering in September

One of the first orchids I purchased and mounted is this wonderful hybrid Dendrobium.

Dendrobium Violet Gold x Victorian Bride
Dendrobium Class x Pinterry

Unfortunately none of the parents of this particular hybrid have been registered so the name is quite a mouthful. Nevertheless, its flowers are a lovely cream and deep mauve-pink. This flowering it produced four flowers. The plant was purchased as a seedling around February (summer) 2013 from Tinonee Orchid Nursery. It was immediately mounted on cork bark with a little sphagnum moss. First flowering September (spring) 2014.

It grows in my little shade house all year with same level of light as Cattleyas and other Dendrobiums. Typically it gets watered once or twice a week in winter and every day or two in summer.

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