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Harley Kingston

Welcome to Orchid Journey, a blog about growing and photographing orchids in suburban Sydney, Australia.

I picked up the orchid bug in January 2013. However, it really started almost a year earlier when my wife brought home a Dendrobium kingianum. We tried growing it in plain soil, in a pot with poor drainage, outside unprotected from winter frosts and summer sun. It should have died. If it was any other type of orchid I’m sure it would have. While I was researching how to look after this orchid, I discovered there are over 30,000 species orchids and 100,000 different hybrids and became particularly fascinated in trying some other types of orchids. I was and still am amazed at the range and diversity of the Orchidaceae family. I find it fascinating that there are so many of these exotic plants and many can be grown in a temperate climate with care.

Note that all images are my own and are copyright, please do not copy or use without my permission. Images are available to licence if you are interested in using them for commercial purposes. Many of the plants shown on this site belong to fellow members of my local orchid society, Cumberland Orchid Circle.

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