Laelia anceps

Laelia anceps ‘Discplinata’ HCC/AOS x Laelia anceps ‘SVO Flair’

This is the first blooming of a Laelia anceps ‘Discplinata’ HCC/AOS x Laelia anceps ‘SVO Flair’ purchased as a seedling in autumn 2014 from Australian nursery, Rosella Orchids. Repotted summer 2015/16 into a terracotta pot after outgrowing its previous 80 mm plastic pot, it’s a vigorous plant growing far quicker than a seedling Laelia anceps f. alba acquired in 2013.

Laelia anceps ‘Discplinata’ HCC/AOS x Laelia anceps ‘SVO Flair’

I’m quite happy with the flowers, however, the image on the label looks quite different suggesting the a paler flower with more distinctive colour flaring. Nonetheless, it’s a great plant, easy to look after and lives on a sunny and open veranda along with Cymbidiums. I decided to use a terracotta pot as I like the weight of these pots over plastic, however, my understanding is that these plants are not that fussy. The medium should be course and in this case, I’ve used medium bark with a little hydroton (expanded clay pebbles). It is usually watered 2-3 times a week in summer and once a week in winter. It gets fertiliser once a week in summer and once a month in winter plus chicken manure pellets over summer.

Laelia anceps is native to eastern Mexico but popular in many orchid collections as it is perfectly happy in winter temperatures down to 0℃ (32°F). For that reason, it will do just fine grown outside in most places in southern Australia only needing protection from a frosty or freezing conditions.

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