Laelia anceps forma alba

Laelia anceps var album seedling in 80 mm pot after 7 months in my collection.

This Laelia anceps forma alba seedling was acquired at the St Ives Orchid Fair held in August 2013 (late winter where I live). It was immediately potted into a medium bark mix in a 80 mm plastic pot. Little growth was seen until the end of summer when it grew the new pseudobulb (on the right in the above image) plus a bunch of new roots. It’s slow growth may in part be attributed to it being knocked off its shelf and spilled from its pot possibly by my cat. It wasn’t discovered immediately and in fact spent several weeks unpotted under the bottom shelf in my little shade house before I went looking for it. Luckily this happened early in the growing season so it has since re-established itself in its pot. It will be interesting to see when next season’s growth takes place. Laelia anceps is native to Mexico but is widely grown and collected by Australian orchid hobbyists due to its forgiving temperature requirements (cool to warm growing) and its need for bright light (which we have plenty of all year round). This alba form will of course produce white flowers rather than the usual pink.

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