Cymbidium NOID #1

Cymbidium NOID #1, first blooming of a backbulb after three years

Some time around May 2014 (late autumn for me), I acquired two neglected Cymbidiums which badly needed repotting. One plant was looking poorly having only one pseudobulb with leaves, a new growth coming and a whole lot of dead-looking backbulbs. I immediately went about repotting the main bulb with the new growth. This part flowers every year in autumn and this year flowered with two spikes for the first time. Frustratingly, several flowers were partly eaten by a caterpillar this year so I chose not to photograph it.

From the old dead-looking backbulbs, two grew and flourished, two others started but didn’t survive. The image above is of the first blooming from a plant that grew from one of the backbulbs three years earlier.

If you have any clues as to what name hybrid it is, please post a comment. It’s a large and vigorous standard-sized Cymbidium with colours accurate as per the image above. I’d call it a creamy apricot colour.

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