COC Winter Show 2017

Cymbidium Ice-on-Fire ‘Nikietta’

Overall winner of the Cumberland Orchid Circle’s Annual Winter Show 2017 was this very fine Cymbidium Ice-on-Fire ‘Nikietta’ grown by >place holder<.

This plant won the following categories:

  • Grand Champion of Show
  • Champion Cymbidium
  • Best Specimen Orchid.
Dendrobium Hilda Poxon ‘Yunlan’

Next, we have Dendrobium Hilda Poxon ‘Yunlan’, a plant grown by >place holder< which was successful with the following awards:

  • Reserve Champion of Show
  • Champion Australian Native Species or Hybrid.
Onc Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’

Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’ was grown by >place holder< and benched in the Cumberland Orchid Circle’s Winter Show 2017. It won:

  • Champion Any Other Orchid
  • First Place, Oncidium/Odontoglossum Alliance Hybrid.
Blc. Chincogan ‘Laura’

Blc. Chincogan ‘Laura’ grown by J and S Atwal was the Champion Cattleya. Also know as Rlc. Chincogan ‘Laura’.

Dendrobium Avril’s Gold ‘Dell’

Dendrobium Avril’s Gold ‘Dell’ came first place in the section of Australian native hybrid >5mm.

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