Cattleya intermedia var. aquinii

Cattleya intermedia aquinii seedling after one growing season.

Cattleya intermedia var. aquinii #1 x #2 is a seedling purchased late winter 2013. It was purchased from on eBay. It’s potted in 80 mm plastic pot with medium bark mix. Over summer 2013/2014 it grew two new psuedobulbs and seems to have settled well into its home. At this rate it may outgrow the 80 mm pot next season.  

Cattleya intermedia is native to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. It has been widely cultivated and bred since it was discovered in the nineteenth century. Perhaps its wide geographical native range also helps to explain why so many different varieties are available. This being the aquinii variety should produce white flowers with pink splashes. It’s reportedly intermediate-warm growing but everything I read about them by local growers suggests they are not fussy on temperatures so long as they get the light, humidity and protection from winter frosts.

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