Category: Cattleya

Cattleya intermedia var. aquinii

Cattleya intermedia var. aquinii #1 x #2 is a seedling purchased late winter 2013. It was purchased from on eBay. It’s potted in 80 mm plastic pot with medium bark mix. Over summer 2013/2014 it grew two new psuedobulbs and seems to … Read More

Cattleya mossiae var. coerulea

My Cattleya mossiae var. coerulea seedling was also one of the earliest Cattleya orchids purchased just over one year ago at the time of writing. It grew one new pseudobulb over summer and a second new pseudobulb can be seen protuding. Although it … Read More

Cattleya warscewiczii

  When I first started collecting orchids in January 2013 (summer where I live) I was immediately drawn to Cattleya (and later Paphiopedilum). One of the first seedlings I picked up was this species seedling, Cattleya warscewiczii, (also know as Cattleya … Read More