Category: Orchids

Cymbidium Suvaley ‘Wild Joker’

Cymbidium Suvaley ‘Wild Joker’ was purchased as a division from Ezi-Grow Orchids at the Southern Orchid Spectacular show of 2013. It grows in a large Cymbidium pot with a bark-based medium on my north-facing veranda. This is the second flowering. … Read More

Cymbidium Little Sarah ‘Not Feathered Fantasy’

This delightful, small Cymbidium hybrid was purchased in March 2013 as a seedling from Orchids on Newbold. It grows in a tall Cymbidium pot with bark-based medium on my north-facing veranda. First flowered August (winter) 2015.

Hybrid Aussie Dendrobium #1

One of the first orchids I purchased and mounted is this wonderful hybrid Dendrobium. Dendrobium Violet Gold x Victorian Bride x Dendrobium Class x Pinterry Unfortunately none of the parents of this particular hybrid have been registered so the name is quite … Read More

Cattleya intermedia var. aquinii

Cattleya intermedia var. aquinii #1 x #2 is a seedling purchased late winter 2013. It was purchased from on eBay. It’s potted in 80 mm plastic pot with medium bark mix. Over summer 2013/2014 it grew two new psuedobulbs and seems to … Read More